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  • Has your company been adversely affected by Covid19 and is concerned about moving ahead afterwards?
  • Would you like to keep your company trading?
  • Are your company’s creditors making unreasonable demands for payment?
  • Has your company given personal guarantees to its creditors?
  • Does your company need breathing space from its creditors to enable it to reorganise?

Banks, lenders and HMRC chasing you for money?
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Our informal Debt Arrangement will NOT be entered on your credit file, therefore not harming your credit rating.

What We Do

BusinessSupport4Companies provides financial restructuring plans for small to medium sized businesses in order to avoid insolvency. We use our industry experience to negotiate with creditors on your behalf, enabling you the time to breathe and provide you with the confidence to keep your company functioning and thereby ensure its future.

We offer unique and affordable debt management solutions that have you and your companies best interests in mind. Speak to one of our friendly experts today to discuss your options, with no-obligation.

Time to Breathe

We all know being in business is not easy. There are times when all a company needs is a “breathing space”. There are many different reasons for needing that extra time. To get your company sales up and running, to reorganise funding, or to replaces key personnel. All of these things require TIME.  The problem being, many creditors neither understand nor care about your company’s financial problems, only for their own profitability.

Company Restructuring Plan

Creditors are becoming increasingly more aggressive and insensitive in demanding their debts are repaid. The problem with creditors and in particular those who we are faced with now is that small and medium sized businesses are easy targets for their finance departments to re fill their coffers with your money. The agreements we reach with creditors are based on knowing what you can afford and making sure the other side accept your offer. Many think there is only one solution either fully viable or insolvent. DON’T BE ANOTHER C 19 VICTIM. And ensure your companies future.

We are there for you…

One of our testimonials said “Someone at the end of the phone 24/7 means allot in hard times”…Jono August 2019.

We are there, when you need us. We will help walk you through the process giving you the time to get the important things back on track, making your business viable again.

What Our Clients Said

Following some disruption and losses caused by trading with another business I had been recommended the services of Business Support 4 Companies by a colleague. Initially I sought guidance with this specific issue but this soon developed into a full appraisal of other concerns affecting the day to day running of the business. I was impressed by their ability to quickly grasp the problematic nature of each matter, to diagnose and to propose a course of action to deal with the situation.

Always responsive and quick to respond, BS4C have been key to turning matters around. Without their guidance things could well have spiralled into an unmanageable state; they have managed to restore order and help get on top of the problems leaving me to get on with the day to day basics. The biggest benefit has certainly been to me personally knowing there is back up at the end of the phone knowing that matters are in good hands.

Jonathan Crow, Wrekin Sporting Ltd
I have been working Business Support 4 Companies for sometime, their persistent, professional attitude towards problem solving as saved me so much time and money. The knowledge base and attention to detail of this organisation is second to none. Someone at the end of the phone 24/7 means allot in hard times.

In using their services I saved an estimated £30,000 over a 10/12 month period, reductions in costs, interest paid and more importantly agreements for full and final settlements saving the company money.

Jono Garton, Keepers Lodge (Bodfuan) Limited

BS4C have been a great help in professionally negotiating a suitable settlement with my suppliers to ensure continual supply medications. This was a very crucial moment in the life of my business due to difficulties with cash flow.

With their support the withdrawal of services from wholesalers and possible collapse of the business has been averted.
I am really grateful for their services, and to NPA for introducing them. I strongly recommend them to anyone in such a difficult situation.


We contacted BS4C through the NTIA for assistance as we start to try and trade out of the current chaos that is COVID. They have dealt with a variety of creditors for us but one in particular was a…

Before BS4C became involved we managed to get a CCJ against us for only a few hundred pounds and this culminated in a visit from a High Court Enforcement representative, he was threatening to break in and take all he could find unless I agreed to pay in full. This was early evening and without the help of BS4C I would have ended up losing the best part of £2000, even though it was 8 o’clock at night.

They intervened and brought it all to a standstill, pointing out illegal actions undertaken by both the firm and the individual. We now have agreement in place and happily moving on. BRILLIANT RESULT!